Landscapes Unlimited offers several design choices including hand drawings, computer simulations, and highly detailed CAD blueprints for your property. We can recommend the best fitted design for you, based upon your individual needs. With our design element we take into account sunlight, soil and water conditions, as well as your personal needs and desires. To turn a concept into reality there needs to be a tangible understanding of the transformation about to take place.

Before & After

These pictures are just a small sample of how we can bring your property to life!


We have been installing pavers for over 20 years. We will be happy to recommend the best suited pavers for your project. With any paver installation, the longevity of the project is only as good as the base preparation, and our base preparation is second to none. Due to the use of our superior compaction equipment, geo-textile membranes, and polymeric jointing sand all of our paver installations are backed by a five-year guarantee against movement.


We have the capacity to build walls from 1′ high to 15′ in height. Whether you need a decorative sitting wall or a massive true retaining wall to hold back a mountain we can recommend the best product to you. With all of our retaining walls we include a five-year guarantee against movement in any direction.


Porches, steps, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and walls are just a few applications where natural stone can truly enhance your outdoor living space. Since no two stones are the same, no two projects are the same. For our clients who truly desire the ultimate in landscaping, natural stone can provide the unique beauty you are searching for. Mosaic veneer, dry stacked, flagging, or ashlar are just some of the choices to incorporate natural stone into your next landscaping project.

Carved Concrete

We are one of only a few companies in Connecticut that install carved concrete. It allows us to give a stone veneer look over any type of vertical substrate such as cinder block, foundations, or the side of a house. It provides a cost effect alternative for those wanting a natural stone look.


Our unique approach to building waterfalls incorporates the strength of steel, the durability of concrete, and the flexibility of clay into one monolithic work of art. Six foot cantilevers, dive rocks, even grottos are all possible using our exclusive glass fiber reinforced concrete panel system.


Plants are the one investment that a homeowner can add to their property that will actually appreciate in value. Whether large shade trees or dwarf ornamentals, Landscapes Unlimited can provide you with the best suited plant for your application. We always consider growth characteristics of plants to ensure correct placement of nursery stock. We also have the ability to provide year-round color with our “Proven Winners” collection of plants.


Landscapes Unlimited offers many choices of fencing, including no maintenance PVC and aluminum.
We also offer custom wood and wrought iron. Our fencing will provide the safety and privacy that you are looking for.


Wet basements, soggy ground, erosion. Sound Familiar? Landscapes Unlimited can solve these problems in a timely fashion. From burying one gutter downspout into a dry well or tying your whole yard into a municiple storm drain we can help. As with all of our projects water and drainage is the first consideration with landscaping.

We Bring Your Property To Life!